• Motorcycle Battery

Our advanced lead acid batteries provide the supreme power and duality. The maintenance free, sealed design saves the trouble of neutralizing electrolyte and prevents the spilling. The VRLA batteries featuring the advanced AGM technology deliver increased safety, improved performance, and longer service life. Advanced internal valve system controls internal pressure which improves the battery’s service life and a lower discharge rate.

  • Electrical Vehicle Battery

Our electrical vehicle batteries are engineered and manufactured for all types of electrical bicycles, electrical golf coaches and lawn mowers. Higher oxide recombination assures long cycle. Special patented paste formula and superior designed performance guarantees large capacity and high specific energy. Imported additives, pure Lead dioxide and sulphuric acid  guarantee low self discharge.

  • Automobile Battery

Our automotive batteries are available for various types of vehicles. JIS and DIN standard batteries cover most types of vehicles of the automotive market. Our batteries deliver maximum cold cranking amps and ultimate reserve capacity.

  • Airtight Storage Battery

The airtight storage batteries apply a special electrolyte formula to get high quality sulphruic acid and special additives. The safety valve using high –quality sealing cap of acid proof rubber ensures the maximum reliability and safety of batteries.